PTX30W is the industry’s only integrated, single-chip solution for the listener circuit in NFC wireless charging systems.

The PTX30W, which is supplied in a compact 3.2mm2 WL-CSP package, enables manufacturers of small  battery-powered products to implement NFC wireless charging with a board which is around four times smaller than existing designs based on multiple discrete components.

The fully autonomous PTX30W runs an NFC Forum-derived wireless charging protocol which supports power negotiation. This means that the PTX30W can operate in stand-alone mode with no need for an external microcontroller to run NFC wireless charging operations.

Product description
Evaluation kits
Fully integrated NFC Wireless Charging Listener

PTX30W: Panthronics groundbreaking, innovative, and fully integrated NFC Wireless Charging Listener chip

  • Сompact standalone NFC wireless charging listener integrating NFC tag with digital interface, power harvesting, and battery charger
  • Fully autonomous listener operation with on-chip power regulation control
  • Protocol following NFC Forum wireless charging specifications

PTX30W is the first ever device to provide fully integrated wireless charging listener solution.

PTX130W/30W NFC WLC Evalkit
  • High-efficiency, high-power PTX130W NFC WLC IC
  • Fully integrated high-power harvesting WLC Listener – PTX30W – with integrated PMIC and LDO
  • Fully NFC Forum compliant system solution
  • Easy-to-use, ready-to-go SW integration into any wireless charging device host MCU architecture
  • Reader functions supporting all type of NFC and standard protocols
  • Dedicated symmetric transparent data channel
  • EMI filter less (DiRAC®) high-power end-application
  • RF-design supported with Config Tool and SDKs
Dedicated Customer Support Portal
  • Board and sample request
  • Knowledge base with datasheets, application notes, antenna design guides and other documentation
  • GUI installer and SDK download
  • 24/7 application engineering support and request tracking

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