PTX130W – next generation of industry’s most efficient NFC transmitter for wireless charging applications – offers industry’s highest output power for faster NFC wireless charging. With system efficiency 18% higher than Panthronics’ first-generation transmitter, the PTX130W improves design flexibility for manufacturers of small consumer devices. The new product benefits from Panthronics’ sine-wave architecture to offer simpler antenna matching, a smaller BoM and high tolerance of antenna misalignment.

Product Description
Evaluation kits
NFC Wireless charging IC

PTX130W is a new generation of a powerful and efficient NFC controller for NFC wireless charging of battery powered devices. It not only provides wireless charging capabilities, but also serves as a complete NFC reader, complying with all NFC standards.

Panthronics provides turnkey NFC wireless charging solution, combining PTX130W NFC wireless charging poller with NFC wireless charging listener. Among other benefits, PTX130W provides with:

  • Industry best output power, harvesting 1W on the listener, enabling fast charging
  • Improved on-chip efficiency by 18% compared to previous generation
PTX130W NFC WLC Evalkit

EvalKit Content​:

  • Poller with PTX130W​
  • Listener board to demonstrate retrieved power​
  • SDK for integration into generic MCU​
  • Documentation​
  • HW/SW integration notes​
  • Board description, schematics, layout​
  • Antenna and matching guideline, RF tuning documentation


  • ​Demonstrate up to 1W charging power on the Listener​
  • Evaluate NFC wireless charging with customer target device​
  • Mock-up with own antenna for RF evaluation ​
  • Software evaluation and integration

Dedicated Customer Support Portal

  • Board and sample request
  • Knowledge base with datasheets, application notes, antenna design guides and other documentation
  • GUI installer and SDK download
  • 24/7 application engineering support and request tracking

Request Support

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