PTX105R is the industry’s best-performing NFC controller for Internet of Things applications. Due to its unique sine wave architecture, PTX105R is an optimized solution for IoT applications with small form factors. Superior sensitivity, accurate digital wave shaping, and a reduced bill-of-materials compared to conventional square-wave NFC controllers enable optimal interoperability, simplified FCC certification and faster NFC Forum compliance.

Product description
Evaluation kits
NFC Reader for Internet of Things Applications

PTX105R provides manufacturers of NFC enabled devices with valuable benefits:

  • Easier to achieve interoperability with the broader set of more demanding NFC device form factors
  •  Reliable NFC coupling in challenging operating environments, or with small form factor antenna
  •  Supports operation through an antenna typically 4-5 times smaller than that required by conventional NFC readers
  •  Fewer external components for bill-of-materials cost and space savings

The PTX105R is in mass production now.

PTX105R Quick Connect PMOD

Panthronics Quick Connect module provides full featured high-end reader for NFC integration into challenging environment.

Applications for Quick Connect PMOD:

  • Access Control
  • ID Reader
  • Door Lock
  • Brand Protection


Demokit PTX105R
  • Mid-power (1W) NFC Reader kit for universal reader hardware platform IC PTX105R.
  • Easy-to-use, ready-to-go SW integration into any terminal/device host MCU architecture supporting all types of NFC protocols, standards, and Tag protocols (ISO14443 A/B, ISO18092, ISO15693, FeliCa and others)
  • NFC P2P (initiator) and Card Emulation (HCE)
  • Digital dynamic power control (DDPC), DIRAC®: EMI filter-less solution, Advanced Digital Wave-Shaping, Phase Accurate Active Load-Modulation in Card Mode, Very High Dynamic Range Receiver (VHDRR)
  • RF-design supported with Config Tool and SDKs
Dedicated Customer Support Portal
  • Board and sample request
  • Knowledge base with datasheets, application notes, antenna design guides and other documentation
  • GUI installer and SDK download
  • 24/7 application engineering support and request tracking

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