PTX100W is able to achieve its class-leading output power thanks to its patented sine wave architecture. With the elimination of EMC filter, a lower antenna matching impedance can be achieved, which is two times lower compared with the conventional solution. These two features enable the PTX100W NFC charger to drive much higher power through an NFC antenna than existing NFC ICs can do, while minimizing the power losses introduced by external components.

Product description
Evaluation kits
NFC Wireless charging IC

Panthronics´ PTX100W supplies up to 1W to the listener battery.
The industry’s first dedicated NFC transmitter for wireless charging applications alongside data communication.

PTX100W is a powerful and efficient NFC transmitter system-on-chip for use in wireless charger devices for consumer application.

Its new RF architecture enables NFC wireless charging solutions of devices with smaller antenna and larger battery capacity compared to the existing solutions.

Wireless Charging System Reference

The system reference includes:

  • On the poller side:
    • the PTX100W NFC controller from Panthronics
    • an MCU for system control
  • On the listener side:
    • a NFC Tag for NFC data transfer
    • an efficient rectifier circuit
    • a PMIC for battery charging
    • MCU for WLC protocol implementation
Wireless Charging System Performance
  • Highly automatized and robotized test environment to characterize NFC Wireless Charging systems in different conditions:​
    • Within full operating volume ​
    • Under various corner conditions (temperature…)​
    • Under different charging states (trickle charge, CC and CV)​
  • The performance tests on PTX WLC Evalkit proves 1W harvested power on listener over arbitrary misplacement of ±5mm in x/y at various z positions.
PTX100W NFC WLC Evalkit Panthronics cuts development time and effort for NFC wireless charging with release of complete system reference design​

EvalKit Content​:

  • Poller with PTX100W​
  • Listener board to demonstrate retrieved power​
  • SDK for integration into generic MCU​
  • Documentation​
  • HW/SW integration notes​
  • Board description, schematics, layout​
  • Antenna and matching guideline, RF tuning documentation


  • ​Demonstrate up to 1W charging power on the Listener​
  • Evaluate NFC wireless charging with customer target device​
  • Mock-up with own antenna for RF evaluation ​
  • Software evaluation and integration
Dedicated Customer Support Portal
  • Board and sample request
  • Knowledge base with datasheets, application notes, antenna design guides and other documentation
  • GUI installer and SDK download
  • 24/7 application engineering support and request tracking

request support

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