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NFC Wireless charging IC Panthronics´ PTX100W supplies up to 1W to the listener battery

The industry’s first dedicated NFC transmitter for wireless charging applications alongside data communication.

PTX100W is a powerful and efficient NFC transmitter system-on-chip for use in wireless charger devices for consumer application.

Its new RF architecture enables NFC wireless charging solutions of devices with smaller antenna and larger battery capacity compared to the existing solutions.


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PTX100W NFC WLC Evalkit Panthronics cuts development time and effort for NFC wireless charging with release of complete system reference design​

  • EvalKit Content​
    • Poller with PTX100W​
    • Listener board to demonstrate retrieved power​
    • SDK for integration into generic MCU​
    • Documentation​
    • HW/SW integration notes​
    • Board description, schematics, layout​
    • Antenna and matching guideline, RF tuning documentation
  • Purpose​
    • Demonstrate up to 1W charging power on the Listener​
    • Evaluate NFC wireless charging with customer target device​
    • Mock-up with own antenna for RF evaluation ​
    • Software evaluation and integration



Wireless Charging System Reference

  • The system reference includes:
    •  On the poller side:
      • the PTX100W NFC controller from Panthronics
      • an MCU for system control
    • On the listener side:
      • a NFC Tag for NFC data transfer
      • an efficient rectifier circuit
      • a PMIC for battery charging
      •  MCU for WLC protocol implementation


Wireless Charging System Performance


  • Highly automatized and robotized test environment to characterize NFC Wireless Charging systems in different conditions:​
    • Within full operating volume ​
    • Under various corner conditions (temperature…)​
    • Under different charging states (trickle charge, CC and CV)​
  • The performance tests on PTX WLC Evalkit proves 1W harvested power on listener over arbitrary misplacement of ±5mm in x/y at various z positions.

Latest news related to PTX100W

Panthronics AG Named as CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree 12.11.2021

Great news today: Panthronics AG has been named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for NFC Wireless Charging solution based on PTX100W-

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Panthronics builds in Support for Renesas Synergy MCU Platform 22.09.2021

Panthronics add support for the Renesas synergy microcontroller family to its new NFC wireless charging reference design. This will enable fast development and easier prototyping of new wireless charging systems.

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New release for NFC wireless charging cuts development time and effort 24.08.2021

A system based on Panthronics’ PTX100W NFC wireless charging controller can supply as much as 1W to the battery – twice the power capability of the next best competing product

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Latest events related to PTX100W

Trustech 30.11.2021 – 02.12.2021 Paris

Panthronics is going to exhibit at Trustech 2021 – the global event dedicated to payments, identification & security. Come meet us! Stand 5.2 B 041!

WEKA Wireless Congress 09.11.2021 – 11.11.2021 virtual

Come and hear us at WEKA Wireless Congress


NFC Readers for POS, MPOS and SmartPOS

The PTX100R marks a breakthrough in NFC system performance, power and size.

The PTX100R is fully compliant with the specifications of the latest EMVCo 3.0 standard for contactless payments. It is supplied with an application-ready EMVCo 3.0 L1 interface. The Panthronics product includes a set of facilities which makes the integration of a third-party EMV L2 stack fast and easy. It also provides rich debugging capabilities allowing for rapid prototyping.

Benefit from our patented DiRAC technology which enables the NFC to drive output power of up to 2W directly to the antenna while achieving sensitivity of -80dB.

The PTX100R is in mass production now.

 Technical ARTICLE

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Demokit PTX100R

  • EvalBoard demonstrating EMVCo 3.0 L1 compliancy
  • Read/ Write functionality compatible with NFC Forum standard
  • Breakable lines between main board, matching circuit and antenna for easy usage with customer antenna
  • Easy Host Interface selection via switches (UART, SPI, I2C)
  • POS GUI support EMVCo loop back mode
  • IoT GUI supporting A/B/F/V discovery mode
  • Documentations to support design-in activity


Reference Implementation Renesas Synergy IoT Reader Demo Kit

  • IoT NFC Reader application running on Renesas Synergy TB-S3A1 Board
  • Full IoT Reader functionality enables the user to quickly read out type A/B/F/V cards and tags.
  • IoT NFC Reader application implementing: initialization, discover, activation, communication and deactivation
  • PMOD Connector used to connect Renesas MCU Board to  PTX100R Evalboard
  • Single USB-C supply for both Boards
  • Quick Start Guide and Application Note



Latest News related to PTX100R

New milestone reached for Panthronics 01.12.2021

Panthronics AG, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in high performance wireless technology, today declared the shipment in 2021 of the 1 millionth unit of its PTX100R NFC Reader IC for point-of-sale (PoS) terminals.

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Renesas and Panthronics announce new Design for Mobile PoS Terminals 24.11.2021

Panthronics AG and Renesas Electronics Corporation announced a new design which provides manufacturers of secure mobile point-of-sale (mPoS) contactless payment terminals with a new way to reduce the size and the bill-of-materials cost of their products without compromising performance or security.

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BBPOS uses Panthronics NFC controller in next generation of products 12.05.2021

Panthronics PTX100R has been chosen by BBPOS as the basis for its next generation PoS and mPoS products.

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Panthronics demo kit enables NFC functionality on Synergy MCU platforms 13.04.2021

Panthronics extends the evaluation kit for the PTX100R helping to accelerate development of NFC applications on the Renesas Synergy family of 32-bit microcontrollers.

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Latest Events related to PTX100R

Trustech 30.11.2021 – 02.12.2021 Paris

Panthronics is going to exhibit at Trustech 2021 – the global event dedicated to payments, identification & security. Come meet us! Stand 5.2 B 041!

WEKA Wireless Congress 09.11.2021 – 11.11.2021 virtual

Come and hear us at WEKA Wireless Congress