Panthronics innovative architecture enables exciting NFC integration in Internet of Things, Point of Sale and NFC Wireless Charging applications

Panthronics’ unique features

  • The industry’s best sensitivity of -80dB, more than twice as sensitive as conventional readers
  • The industry’s highest power output of up to 2W
  • Finer control of the shape of the modulated output signal
  • Simplified compliance with international regulations such as EMVCo, NFC Forum, FCC, CE
  • Consistent manufacturing: same NFC performance across devices

Groundbreaking NFC architecture

Panthronics new generation NFC Solution connects directly to the antenna and drives a sine-wave to allow for:

  • Wave shaping
  • Optimized modulation envelope
  • Removal of EMC filters
  • Reduction of over-/undershoots
  • Loading effect immunity over volume
  • BoM reduction
  • Very accurate output power regulation

Panthronics solutions set a new, high standard for the performance of NFC ICs thanks to its innovative RF architecture. High performance combined with simplicity of integration allows OEMs to design NFC into challenging applications, where it wasn’t possible before.

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