Panthronics´ core beliefs and values are an integral part of our company culture. They bind us together and guide us towards our common goals.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We believe success starts with teamwork.

When we support each other we can achieve way more than as individuals.

We work together across geographical borders towards our common goals.

Earn trust and give respect

We are open as professionals, we are open as people, we are diverse and inclusive.

We trust each other and challenge new ideas as this enables us to do our best.

We push technical limits above and beyond

We design the future by creating exciting technology.

We inspire each other and appreciate feedback for improvement and development.

Together we push technical limits and set new standards with our innovative products.

We are empowered and feel responsible

We are empowered to advance on our own as well as the team effort.

We feel responsible and take ownership of the company’s success.

We dare to take decisions and exceed expectations.

Love what you do – or don´t do it

We believe true greatness comes from dedication.

We love what we do and tackle challenges with our heart and mind.

If you don´t love it, don´t do it!

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