NFC Wireless Charging market

Manufacturers of the latest mobile and wearable devices are keen to replace wired charger connections with wireless charging, because of its convenience, design flexibility and reliability benefits. NFC wireless charging has a great appeal due to  the small antenna size with high tolerance of antenna misalignment, and because due to the NFC protocol’s support for data communication with a host such as a smartphone.

NFC Wireless Charging System

Panthronics  addresses both sides of the solution
Panthronics NFC wireless charging portfolio Product description Target applications

High-performance, high-power NFC Wireless Charging (WLC) frontend solution with multi-protocol reader functionality.

Universal SW device integration.

Smart ring, smart glasses, fitness tracker, smart watch, medical device, headset.

Panthronics products benefits

  • High harvesting power capability – up to 1W on the listener, enabling fast charging
  • Superior RF performance enable small antenna design and allow flexible placement of charger and device antennas
  • On-chip processing of Foreign Object Detection (FOD) and time critical commands
  • Accurate digital wave shaping for enhanced data communication and interoperability while in charging mode