About us

Since 2014 Panthronics has been developing ground-breaking NFC technology and products, targeting the most demanding applications in high growth markets such as NFC Wireless Charging, Mobile and Point of Sale.

Our Technology

Sine wave architecture

Panthronics transmitter directly outputs a pure sine wave eliminating the need for external EMC and most matching components resulting in a significant improvement in terms of NFC interoperability.

Direct Antenna Connection

The NFC antenna is directly connected to the transmitter output for full control of modulation shape, this direct sensing of the antenna signal allows much higher sensitivity than conventional NFC Front ends.

Split stack architecture

Panthronics NFC Controller runs all time critical NFC commands on the embedded hardware accelerator, relaxing the host MCU and simplifying the software integration.

Our Solutions

Panthronics innovative NFC solutions for Point of Sale and IoT applications. Click here to find out more!


Panthronics innovative NFC solutions for NFC Wireless Charging applications. Click here to find out more!


Our Services

Customer Application Support

Dedicated SW, HW and RF expert team for your 24/7 support and product integration.

Validation & Verification

State of the art V&V set up for automatized system compliance check against industry and international standards.

Customized Wireless

Augment your system through our customized ASIC service leveraging our high performance wireless HW and SW know how.

Latest News & Events

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EVENT Embedded World 2022 21.06.2022 – 23.06.2022 Nuremberg

NEWS Panthronics & Luxshare-ICT advance adoption of wireless charging 07.07.2022
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EVENT Mobile World Congress 2022 28.02.2022 – 03.03.2022 Barcelona

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